Neivayka Lee was NEVER a normal teenager. She grew up in a cramped house with parents that had always made it clear she was never welcome. All she had to look forward to was the day she turned 18 and could escape.


That was until 3 days before her 16th birthday and she began waking up in her bed having no memory of how she got there or what had happened the day before. In her quest to find her lost memories she was confronted with the knowledge that all those mythical creatures and fairy tales that had always fascinated her were true. And more than that, she was one of them.


Diving head first into a world of pure fantasy that was torn apart by the grasp of evil, she found herself in a real life battle royal between good and the cold hand of evil. On one hand there is the Shadow Lord Lorimer is bent on ruling both worlds with her by his side. On the other is everyone who is looking to her to save them while all she is hoping for the courage to stand next to them when the final battle comes.